The dock Seals & Shelter are necessary to correctly isolate your staff & goods of your warehouses from bad weather conditions & sudden variations of temperature. Dock shelter with front part in black rubber with differential stiffness. Self carrying structure in SENDMIR galvanized steel tube, telescopic type, to deaden possible impacts with trucks. Nominal thickness 4-5mm Reduce energy loss Prevent theft or helps in security concerns. Prevent product damage or contamination, insect infiltration, slippery or dangerous Conditions Prevents loss of temperature control Opening/closing device through swinging scissors. The truck, by coming back, can press the dock shelter structure without causing damages. Front part realized in anti-wearing black rubber plates with differential elasticity in weft and warp by means of double reinforcement cloth. Nominal thickness 4-5 mm. Covering tarpaulin in polyester PVC with reinforcement border for fixing. Along the entire perimeter there is a framework with holes at one meter one from the other in which dock shelter is screwed to the wall or to a metal structure.